Why Commercial Signs?

25 Years Experience

Flat Economical Rates

Quick Response

Licensed & Insured

UL Approved

Before You Call

  1. Is the breaker on? If so, turn the power off and back on to see if the sign lights.
  2. Is there a time clock that controls the sign? If so, is it programmed correctly?
  3. Is the sign under an original manufacturer's warranty?


Sign Repair with Flat Rates and Fast Response

Channel Letters
Neon Repair
LED Repair
Tube Neon Repair
Digital Sign Service
 Missing Sign Faces
Broken Sign Faces
Vehicle Damage
Pole Lighting Repair
Sign Maintenance

Commercial Signs has crews on staff to service any type of sign or exterior lighting. Our technicians are prompt and courteous and will insure that your sign is fixed to your 100% satisfaction.

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